You may notice quite a difference between this year and last. The year of the docile Pig was indicative of progress, but it was slow. Last year’s earth element meant people kind of took life as it came. This year, life comes at you full tilt. It’s not so much the Rat but the element. Think about being in a boat on what seems like a calm sea. Underneath the surface is turbulence, abundant life, friendly fish—and sharks. In restless seas full of sharks, you have to be observant and adapt quickly as you sail. What all of this means is that an unpredictable year is in store.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

The Chinese New Year, the 2020 version, begins with a Tiger moon (always the Aquarius new moon). Considering early spring is your season, you are eager to achieve and very capable of handling life at full speed. More good news comes with knowing the metal Rat represents supportive energy for all of your plans, so brainstorm and start your list with confidence. Exercise and get in shape. You’ll also need to be flexible.

The year 2020 brings changes, but nothing an alert and quick-witted Tiger can’t handle. Besides, changes keep life interesting. The year places you on the fast track with limitless possibilities, but you have to work harder on relationships, in your career, and financially. Welcome the relaxation you get when you’re with others. Bask in your freedom, too. Relish a little alone time, because Tigers always need space to think.


The metal year splits life in two like an ax. There are defined work areas and play areas. Since we’re talking about love, this part of your life should be a more relaxed space in which you enjoy the kind of quality time that can deepen relationships. That said, the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses recommend keeping things simple, maintaining last year’s coziness in the midst of uncertain times. Then again, a completely comfy routine may not be your thing. In this light, you aren’t shy about sparking the activity you crave. Others have come to count on you to help light up their lives and make things interesting.

Adding some balance to a Tiger’s love life in 2020 is your mission if you belong to groups within groups and have a busy life. Group activities are good, but make it a goal to separate out a little time per person—mate, children, pets, relatives, and friends. A few minutes of talking and listening, a pat on the head for a furry member of the family, or a warm smile can be magic.

Love is in the air. Love is golden in a metal year, and luck is on your side. If you sense a “but” coming, you’re right. The year of the Rat begins a new cycle, which means that you should remember that the type of person who attracts you now doesn’t possess the same traits you admired twelve or more years ago. Think about that. Having a wish list can shorten the time it takes to find your true soul mate.

Family & Friends

Last year, things may have gotten too bland with the same people, same places, and same things, but the metal Rat can brighten your life. You’ll meet new, diverse personalities, surprisingly even within your oldest and closest connections. Some of them may be people you’ve known for years who are now in the midst of evolving with the energies of 2020. Expect an interesting reunion between mid-May and late June.

You’ll be on the A list for invitations this year. You may also have to play the role of social director if you see that cliques are tightening and new people are being kept out. It’s easy for you as host to introduce new faces. Just look for people like you (and the Rat) who are incredibly interesting, passionate about a hobby or topic, dedicated to learning more, and curious about life in general!

You might want to distance yourself from the professional party games. Bear in mind that the higher your profile, the greater the chance you could be a target of competitive sniping in the battle for attention. Socially, the most challenging time will be from mid-October to mid-December as a new Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse pattern takes hold. You may encounter situations in which you have to pick sides, which isn’t recommended this year. Smile as you mingle, and then make a quick but graceful exit.

No matter what the social event, the latter part of the year offers important connections. The people you encounter are key players through early 2021. They can change your life, and vice versa.


The year of the Pig ended a twelve-year cycle. The year of the Rat marks a new beginning. The element metal represents fresh perspectives that weren’t even considered over a decade ago. Your objective this year is to build for the future in this changing environment. Fortunately, metal also boosts your courage.

The Cancer lunar eclipse on January 10 and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 occur before the Chinese New Year. They mark a significant period when it’s important to stay alert because the unpredictable and rapid pace will trickle down to the company level.

Roles change in response to corporate goals. The door swings out and people exit; it swings in and new people enter. Your best approach is to take some time before you make up your mind about the new people. In times like these, a person you take an instant dislike to could have a say in a key move for you down the road.

And early April through mid-May could be that time. An innovative development will be to your advantage. Be ready to master new skills and perhaps accept new responsibilities. You may find yourself able to take an additional step up the ladder in September.

Focus and manage wisely in October and November. Be open-minded about even more changes. Stay cool and steady, especially if others try to draw you into conflicts. Taking sides at this time won’t be in your best interests.

If you find that you’re the chum in shark-infested waters, plan your strategy and look for something different in June.


If you worked hard in 2019, you were careful financially, and you added to your bank account, then you have a good start this year. Now double last year’s approach in 2020.

The metal Rat financial outlook is a bit like fool’s gold, a metal mistaken for the real thing. It’s just a shiny object that you think is valuable. This is a heads up for the impetuous Tiger who could be captivated by many a con in 2020, especially in June, July, and August. Risk-taking is not your friend. Reviewing what you learned in Bookkeeping 101 is your best course of action. Stay on top of expenditures, income, and what you have left over after you’ve paid your bills. The September equinox is the perfect time to look at where you stand. Celebrate a successful harvest if things are going well.

Rats tend to throw good money after bad—don’t let them add yours to it. Expand your diligent watchfulness at work and keep a close eye on corporate activities: scary sales figures, strange things going on in stockrooms, no raises, and no free coffee anymore. Take note of downsizing or forced early retirements. These are all signs that a company has too much red in the books. Granted, that may have been already going on, but if it isn’t improving, you’ll be glad you remained alert rather than just an innocent bystander.

All things considered, the year 2020 can be great in so many ways, but it could be very unpredictable in the financial department. The tiger in nature is an excellent role model. It cautiously stalks prey, relying on its keen hearing and sight. Tigers should take note in the year of the metal Rat.