The year of the earth Pig may have seemed like a very long 365 days for Snakes, but there were some accomplishments. The first 25 days of January represent an interim point when you need to decide what you want to carry into 2020, the year of the metal Rat. What works well for you? What could you tweak to make better? Whether the projects are old or yet to be started, this year they can grow, as can you. This good news comes courtesy of the element metal. Blend this ingredient with your own natural fire and you will possess the awesome ability to plan your life on your terms. The element creates a spark that ignites a fire that won’t go out anytime soon.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

Let’s talk about defining moments. First, the year of the Rat begins a new twelve-year cycle spanning January 25, 2020, to February 11, 2021. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse pattern is another benchmark this year. Two are key: the January 10 lunar eclipse in Cancer and the June 20 solar eclipse in Cancer. Everything, including the new Chinese cycle, focuses on positivity, expansive thinking, and outside-the-box energy.

You are a bold and confident Snake this year, leaving what may be a comfort zone and ready to embrace unknown destinations. Not to worry. You’re accompanied by your keen perception. Make friends with it, because it only gets better when you’re in touch with what is going on around you, and there will be lots of activity going on around you. Remain coiled to strike, for there will also be opportunities.


Snakes are romantic and protective, and they don’t want to lose what they already have. Rats are loyal and committed partners. You are two soul-signs that appreciate your significant others. That won’t change, although relationships will in this fast-paced year.

The year 2020 is a time for reunions and fence mending. Venus, the planet of love, is the metal star, and once again it’s time for a retrograde. From mid-May to late June, there are second chances when the strong cosmic energy can help you make things better. Venus is the great reconciler, bringing peace within relationships, even if people haven’t seen or talked to each other in years. The fence mending is something you can dare to try at home, too.

Just in case you are enlightened but the energy applied to loving relationships has ebbed, the Gemini lunar eclipse on November 30 provides moments to see the light. Eclipses highlight whatever requires attention, and Gemini is all about communication. In a year of changes, feelings may be different and expressed in different ways. Talk about it and get them in balance. Speaking of equilibrium, you might want to talk about careers that overshadow close relationships. Someone could have a very strong opinion, and it could be you.

September is a stellar month if you’re looking for love, which you may be doing if you’re leaning in the direction of commitment. Hold that thought! There could be a dramatic swing between October and November. Practice patience in all relationships at this time.

Family & Friends

A Rat year is one in which a Snake enjoys times with other happy people. The metal element broadens your social circle. You might be surprised by the number of exciting people you meet outside of your comfort zone! If life is difficult, remember your friends. Because it is such a benchmark year, some friendships may change because the people in them do. Roles change. Couples split and each person meets someone new, and their relationships with you change. Someone goes on a vision quest and comes back a new person. Be happy for the transformations and think about your own. Is it time to do that proverbial shedding of the old skin?

You are skilled at networking, and you make strides developing contacts when you have the opportunity. April is an auspicious time when fantastic opportunities are in the air for the charming and talented Snake. Follow up on any contacts after the Taurus new moon on April 22.

Networking is not the only career-oriented social department. At company meetings and happy hours, be wary of competition. February, for example, is a “code red” time. Avoid clashes. Don’t take sides. Appear cool under pressure, which you can do. Watch and learn. When there are lots of buttons to push, it’s nice to discover their location. File the information away for later, like during the retrograde of action-oriented Mars between early September and mid-November. By the way, fiery Mars is the Snake’s Chinese astrology patron planet, making its backward turn between September 9 and November 13 key.


This year’s governing animal, the Rat, is a business specialist. With metal inspiration, it becomes a dynamic force. It’s a 180-degree turn from how the earthy Pig presided over activities, going from what seemed to be a “that’s the way it is and will always be” to “the sky’s the limit.” Your natural element of fire rises and expands upward. It’s the perfect energy influence to make giant strides in a dynamic, innovative metal Rat year.

Bear in mind that you aren’t alone; you have competition (mentioned above). You need plans and then you need patience. Be coiled to strike at the right moment. Your competitors may move too quickly. With your natural gifts, you can afford to take a more relaxed approach. Between February and March, don’t waste your energy on irrelevant things. May is your month, and while the environment is competitive, you have an extra special ability to bring allies together (there are some). In August and September, hack into problems (metal) and fix wrongs when the luck is on your side. You can even go back and give things a second chance with the Mars retrograde.

Professionally, 2020 ends with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. It’s a power drive if you’re on the right path. Are you heading in the right direction or stuck in the mud? This is an important question before a five-star year in 2021.


Last year, the Pig lent an earthy focus to financial interests. Ordinarily, once upon a time before climate change, earth meant solid stability, strong as the mountains. However, droughts, mudslides, extremes—the year’s instability seems familiar. Because this is the beginning of another twelve-year cycle, take the time to look at where you are and what you want to continue—or not—financially. The Pig wasn’t your BFF, but the Rat is, so you have the potential for gains no matter what the weather.

The Cancer solar eclipse on June 21 is important. This is also part of a cycle, and it’s a caring, nurturing sign. Financially, it’s a midyear reminder about taking care of what you have. Plan for eventualities and wait until you’re prepared to take action. The advice couldn’t be more apropos because the metal Rat is a gambler. While you may not be, your company or those you have investments with may not be so astute. “Observation” is a keyword here. Be alert to trends, especially in October and November. While you’re at it, you’d better temper your impulses at this time, too.

The Sagittarius solar eclipse on December 14 is indicative of the future seeded in action, and it’s your carryover into next year, the year of the Ox (again, most auspicious for you). Eclipses are “aha” moments, worthy of pausing to assimilate. The advice from the Cancer eclipse in June was simple. This eclipse in December has a similar message when it comes to goals, wishes, and things you value: “All that’s gold does not glitter.”