With its four-star rating for Rabbits, the year of the metal Rat is almost as good as it gets! It’s a nice gift. You roll into the year 2020 after a possibly stellar 2019, the year of the earth Pig, one of your BFFs. How awesome is it to start day one (January 25) with that kind of progress?

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

There is one challenge, though. Metal is not one of your more favorable elements. You have to work with it. Easy-peasy. If you can do that, it can be stimulating, strengthening, and confidence building. The fast-paced energy of the metal Rat means you might have to make progress under difficult circumstances. You can’t sit back and worry about the intractable, irritable people around you. Watch, but not for too long, mind you, and plan your strategies. Then sweep in and save the day.

The year of the metal Rat marks the beginning of a new twelve-year cycle. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses are key, especially the Cancer eclipse at zero degrees. Both are big crossovers between the old and the new, but it’s not like moving from last year to this on a roll. It’s important to disentangle yourself from the old and slip into something new. Think of it as the computer updates that arrive every few days (so it seems) as an example of how fast things can change. The old system just doesn’t work as well, but you can’t shut down until they’re all in the system. It’s the same with utilizing old methods. Hop to it!


According to the Chinese zodiac, it’s the monthly or yearly animal that invites love. In 2020, the Rat encourages enthusiasm and positivity. A metal Rat delights the romantic in you. Love, like metal, is more durable, albeit a little unpredictable. The latter can be a good thing, because life can use a little shaking up when things get too predictable. In a positive year, good things come out of turbulence. Energy can become a strength that guides not only you but also significant others. Endings mean new beginnings and fresh outlooks. It will be a year to remember.

The romantic focus of 2020 is intensifying feelings and loving more deeply and intimately. The Gemini lunar eclipse on November 30 illuminates the importance of communication, a big part of loving more fully. Share your opinions, speak your peace, and listen—especially if you didn’t really do that in September. Don’t forget to share your dreams with loved ones, too.

If you’re single and looking for love, there’s no need to go on a major quest. Romance happens and one falls in love quicker than a bunny in a fast-moving year. With the Rat’s heightened social interaction, this year is an opportunity to meet more people. Sometimes, like in May, you could face a choice between two paths. Not everyone is meant to be a soul mate, but they could be one of your best friends and one you don’t want to lose. In this light, follow your intuition and your heart. July and November are auspicious times to note.

Family & Friends

The compatibility and sociable connection between the Rat and Rabbit indicate enriching supportive, nourishing relationships in 2020. You’ll enjoy nice, sweet, comfy friendships, with the addition of interesting new people entering your circle, especially in February. This should be a very busy year, and you could be more selective about what you choose to do. You seek quality time spent with those you care about, and the moments are precious in all ways. The element metal makes it easier to gently turn down an invitation if you don’t want to go. Your social life can be what you desire it to be.

A tender “no, thanks” might be required when the metal Rat year stimulates fast-track, in-crowd vibes. The Rat is a social climber, while metal loves lush entertainment. “Fast-track” also applies to professional get-togethers that turn unpredictable. Employee competition gives new meaning to the word “bash,” especially in August and September. You gain something in your career by using your observational skills and ability to read people.

Your social life should always include philanthropy, for that is just you being you. People with inspired ideas really need your spirit. Make time for your creative interests.

"Out with the old, in with the new" means moving forward in your social life, too. Do you have to purge old friends? No, but recycling and refreshing, now you’re talking! The saying applies more to giving up old habits and starting new ones. Your mission is to encourage others to embrace change, too.


The year of the metal Rat is one of potential growth and expansion, and it’s a four-star year for you. The Rat is an initiator, out there seeking opportunities, running full tilt on metal. It’s possible that the Rat can reveal where to find some of those million-dollar dreams you always thought were just around the corner. Take note, however, that you can’t just bide your time and wait for the text that says, “Here it is, signed, sealed, and delivered” with nothing required on your part. Metal rejuvenates you to get out of confining situations, something only you can do. And you’re the only one who knows that you’re repressed.

Be alert in April when you could get doses of discomfort. If vigilant, you’ll see where you are and realize where you want to be. Enter the metal Rat’s lucky hand in the form of what you need to get there.

There are three key points involving Jupiter and Pluto that occur in April, June, and November. Jupiter is the rock star in Chinese astrology, and once every 13 years it conjoins Pluto, the planet of transformation. The three connections are all about hidden potential, with the Rat sprinkling a little magic metal stardus+B59+B53:B55


The money sector of life isn’t as easy in a metal Rat year, and the thought may make you a bit uncomfortable, but you can work with that. Financially, the word is “unpredictable.” First, understand that the fundamental nature of the Rat is to like money and earning it. However, metal makes the Rat prone to playing fast and loose with it and being attracted to the next shiny object. This can increase mismanagement (managing money isn’t something the Rat does well) and encourage throwing good money after bad. If you’re a wise Rabbit (which, of course, you are), you won’t play that game.

Overall, you can’t control the global markets, but you can take charge of what trickles down to you. Stay alert. Be prepared to take action to put your finances in the right place. Be especially aware in August and September, months of the double-metal Monkey and Rooster that join Rat in nudging you. Your strength is in being one of the four who knows differences in value.

On another note, watch your company’s finances and the ongoing trends. They can play a big part in your resources. When it comes to your job, if you do explore greener pastures, don’t forget to look carefully at their financial situation.

The year ends with eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius, and the signs restore optimism for the new year ahead. The “aha” moment is in placing yourself in a good position for an auspicious year of the Ox. Start with things you know can grow.