A blooming and prospering year is in store, dear Dragon. The Rat is your friend, with synergy that unites you to produce amazing results. The year of the metal Rat brings the potential for confidence, growth, harmony, and luck. The element stimulates speed, however, with a caveat about finding a nice pace at which you’re at ease and in control because tempered, you are neither overly forceful because fire breathing will not help you amass all of the good stuff you should expect. Take the elegant strides worthy of a Dragon; Your main challenge in this light is overdoing it, something you share with the risk-taking Rat.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

The year 2020 is not just any old year. It’s an important transitional period that begins a new twelve-year cycle that ends with the year of the Pig. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle is another benchmark. The message is that you can’t cling to the past. The universe is providing clean, renewable energy that allows new starts on good footing, which is right up your alley. It suits you to a T and is why it’s such a good year for you to participate fully and optimistically.

What can you use that you already own? You are a visionary. Stop and picture best-case and worst-case scenarios. It’s a gift, and if you’re receptive, your insight can grow day by day. Your keen intuition confirms whether you’ve been enlightened. Wisdom is in hesitating until you’re sure you understand the full meaning. Wait for the right moment to make a move.


Rats and Dragons strive to make strong alliances, including family units and supportive friends. This makes 2020 a year for relationship success. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses, including the lunar eclipse in January, represent pivotal turning points that you and significant others will feel strongly. They spark changes while guiding you in the right direction to deal with them. How about altering habits and routines? Alliances strengthen through communication. How about more quality face time! The Sagittarius lunar eclipse on June 5 accents insights about things to come. Talk about what everyone feels now with a new angle. Let’s not tell everyone what they feel. Let them say it. Lead the way.

If you’re an unattached Dragon, it’s a year of changes. Don’t be surprised if you discover that the traits you have previously looked for in another don’t appeal to you anymore. That’s called growth, and it’s another advantage of entering a new twelve-year cycle. You have before you a whole new world of relationship potential. April is one chance to meet someone special, possibly another Dragon. August is a serendipitous time, perhaps with a chance meeting with someone quite fascinating.

Let’s talk about December 2020 and January 2021. This is the transitional zone at the crossroads between serious romance and just cooling it for a while. Both are okay. It’s just very important to contemplate how you really feel. If you aren’t sure, postpone any major decisions. It is to your benefit.

Family & Friends

The Rat, truly a social animal, promises a busy year in which friendly, outgoing Dragons are bound to be on many guest lists. You also enjoy happy moments with family and friends. In 2020, you’ll meet new people who broaden your horizons and keep things interesting. August stands out with hospitality to enjoy to the max. This is when Dragons shine as masters or mistresses of ceremonies; the connecters of people.

This year accents family warmth. The retrograde of Venus between mid-May and late June presents an opportunity to patch relationships, including those with friends. Welcome the time to reconstruct new versions of old bonds, especially when the Sagittarius lunar eclipse in June reunites broken bonds so all anger and grievances can be washed away. In this light, the above can happen in many different forms: in person, online, or in hearts deciding to put the past behind. The positive side of a metal Rat year is in humanitarian causes, also a part of who you are. You have the opportunity to not only help but also teach and inspire.

In 2020, you make big strides in the “business with pleasure” department. However, metal-generated competition makes it a slippery slope for the high-profile Dragon who loves to mix it up with the opposition. Company social events aren’t the place for combat. Keep a low profile and sit back and watch others’ bad behavior. You’ll have plenty to see in February and October.

Last, don’t forget that a little “me” time is your friend. Relax.


This can be an outstanding and highly significant year for Dragons. Your flair and innovation resonate with that of the metal Rat. It’s a five-star year in terms of getting your ideas out there. Mentors inspire you, but major decision-makers know that you are the source of those ideas. Kudos, even monetary rewards, will follow. If you don’t have a guru, better do some investigating!

The workplace won’t be the same this year, each month, week or even hour. Fortunately, Dragons are drawn to the strange and the unknown, and reasons why it is an auspicious time for you.

April, June, and November are target moments. They mark the three times when Jupiter and Pluto conjoin. The former is the Chinese astrology master of the twelve-year cycle, and the aspect occurs once every 13 years. In April, perhaps revealed truths spark thoughts. June brings a few more changes, leading to urges for a career change or direction (a very key time). In November, a decision and a clean slate on a new journey in some way. Ominous but exciting, don’t you think? What you have is the control over your responses, which is metal at its all-time best. The continuous assessment (because once isn’t enough) inspires you. Bear in mind that it isn’t all about advancing. It’s also about retreating when it’s the best thing for you. People don’t appreciate that a graceful exit can be just as important as a grand entrance. It’s an art. A Dragon can seem magical while doing it, too.


Rats and Dragons are good BFFs and together create bucketloads of success potential, for the most part. Note the qualifier, because financial matters may be the exception. Excessive doses of metal and yang can instigate taking risks.

Let’s say that the earthy Pig of 2019 was good to you and you begin the year in a pretty stable position. Sweet! March roars in with exuberance and gives new meaning to the words “spring fling,” “retail therapy,” and/or “investment frenzy.” Rat, the moneymaker, sells dreams and schemes. Mid-May to mid-June, a metal planet and ruler of love and money, Venus (or love of money) retrogrades. Pay attention; It is wake-up call that pleasures are transient, hopefully not as controlling as they once were. Learning is good.

Mid-year is also the time when you have to be observant of those with whom you share your resources: it is about where you have investments and employers who pay your salary or the global economy in general who may not possess your wisdom and self-control. Do your detective work now. Get facts. Their nervousness increases their mistakes. See above and don’t be nervous. In July, moderate and weigh needs and opportunities. At the July 5, Capricorn lunar eclipse, see if the picture is broadening or not. The keyword is prevention. Be a “Hidden Dragon” in October when it is no time for action. You end the year prior to the Year of the Ox. Don’t let your guard down. You can make strides in December, a good month to end the year in a solid position.