The metal Rat inspires your ambition and enhances your confidence. The metal Rat has grand aspirations, and you do, too. The element can strengthen your determination, just in case you got a bit too comfy in the year of the Pig.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

Optimistic Dogs are in luck in 2020 because there’s a lot to be enthusiastic about. You have everything you’ve built since 2017 as a solid foundation, but you’re not content to rest on your laurels. You’re open-minded and inspired to adopt and adapt to this year’s fast-paced changes. Envision the greyhound’s powerful lightning speed. Mirror that and a rat’s scurrying for your best approach now.

The year’s major turning points spin those fast-paced changes into decisive ones. First, it’s the beginning of a new twelve-year Chinese cycle, the year of the Rat. This is also the end of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse pattern, plus there are rare but valuable key planetary transits in store. All of this highlights a shift from old to new or even new insights for old issues.

What about you? Get ready to reflect on changes, perhaps in your job, thoughts, outlook, or routines. You have within you a gold mine (metal) of potential as a big new chapter of another cycle begins.

Earthy signs such as yours like routine, but get ready! The year inspires new directions outside your comfort zone. Not to worry! You are overdue for these. You can handle them and shine. Do you realize that a lot of your exceptional talents are unrecognized by you? Many need to be recaptured (and metal stimulates your creative talents).


Home is where the Dog’s heart is. It offers serenity with loved ones in a world that moves fast in 2020. On January 25, you leave behind the year of the Pig after enjoying its earthy hominess and welcome the Rat’s year. While sharing similarities with the Pig and Dog, the Rat’s world is busier. You also join with the other Chinese signs to share in the year’s changes, brought to all by the element metal. Truth be told, shaking things up brings new joy and gives you room to grow. Think about it. Perhaps what was cozy just got quiet. When metal energy is added to yours, it can deepen your personality and lift your spirit and confidence.

Isn’t it exciting to think about experiencing an active and evolving year? Since it’s a changing year for all, get everyone involved when making plans that can reshape the future. You can’t evolve by sticking to old routines.

If you’re unattached and looking for love, the broadened horizons of 2020 mean more meetings and more chances to encounter your soul mate. More confidence and optimism are the icing on the cake of your friend-making abilities. Also, you can meet someone special if you remain alert to the possibility that traits that attracted you years ago no longer match the person you are now. Bear this in mind in the second half of the year, after the Sagittarius eclipse accents coincidences—“accidental” (and fortunate) discoveries that you may have previously ignored. Quelle surprise! They are actually rather predictable in light of the above.

Family & Friends

Friendly Dogs like to socialize among kindred spirits with shared interests, and there will be plenty of opportunities to do just that. Metal encourages you to expand your connections. They’re still supportive, but with new thoughts and words as they contribute their own uniqueness.

October and November are heading toward winter, but your life will bloom and prosper. The Libra new moon on October 16 and Scorpio new moon on November 15 herald times of warmth, bigheartedness, and enthusiasm. Old relationships change this year, not monumentally, but with little tweaks and transformations that are good things. Changes also encourage reevaluating the relationships you thought you knew. This is another part of expansion. Don’t be surprised by how positive it can be. It’s a new cycle, don’t you know!

Metal is a very creative element that pulses with a desire to learn. It stimulates invigorating social environments. The metal Rat is theatrical, competitive, and curious to learn while being avid about interacting. You’ll feel encouraged to discover the hidden treasures of your creative powers in April. The time is rather self-renewing just when you need it. Feel free to do the latter all year long, btw.

With the metal Rat, business with pleasure may not be as gratifying for you if the events are command performances. If this is the case, limit the time you spend, and mingle with finesse. You can work out any challenges that surface in what could be a highly assertive environment, so reduce the amount of time you spend worrying.


Rats and Dogs exemplify a worthy partnership in a year governed by an element that is also business oriented. In this light, the year offers growth and strength. New opportunities come at you quickly. You’ll benefit from an enthusiastic willingness to grow in a changing environment. Metal also thrives on pressure. You have to understand this and adapt accordingly.

The emphasis on change calls for using one of your outstanding abilities: watchfulness. You should be alert to what is really going on, not (as others may be) distracted by shiny objects. Also, don’t be dazzled by showy people, aka the competition. Metal strengthens your abilities, and your expertise shines as you take advantage of the opportunities others don’t see.

The Capricorn lunar eclipse in early July is auspicious and worthy of extra attention. There are lots of things going on, much of it happening behind the scenes, that can be good for you. Your drive kicks in, coinciding with the changes. Focus, because your major challenge will be too many thoughts about meaningless matters, like worry over what everyone else is doing! Carry on the above through August. Be watchful and learn from what you see. Make this your mantra.

For Dogs in the year of the metal Rat, the vibe is to feel at home in the career universe. Each month strengthens your ability to cope and effectively deal with situations. Each month in 2020 you build to 2021 and 2022, both auspicious years for even more growth. Be inspired!


The year of the Pig ends on January 25, 2020. That said, be very aware of where you stand in the time between December 2019 and January 2020. Your earthy natural energy resonated with the Pig. You are sitting on a good foundation before the ground shakes a bit.

The metal Rat inspires your ambition to make more money, but this is a big heads-up, dear Dog. The word is “unpredictability.” You can gain, especially as the year begins. Take advantage of it, and then be devoted to staying alert! It isn’t just what you do with your money, it is the influence of others. Who are these “others”? The financial climate in general, because other people fall under the influence of the metal Rat, too.

Metal is competitive, and so are lots of buyers and sellers, some with little control and some with a taste for risk, the metal Rat M.O., especially between August and mid-October. Stay cool, be watchful, and play to your strengths. You’re not a risk taker, but you’re a whiz at sniffing out those who intend to head out the door with your money. Corporations (those who pay you) should be on your radar through trends in April and May. (Sometimes it’s more about what isn’t said or done than what is.)

In 2020, rely on your logic over emotion. Emotions and money do not go together well. The same goes for emotions and decision-making. The year’s faster pace requires quicker actions and reactions. Procrastination won’t be your friend. Keep it together.