Saturn’s Life-Changing Power


On November 10, 2014

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Saturn’s Life-Changing Power

The planet Saturn is sometimes seen as the “bad guy,” the planet that brings bad luck, creates problems, limits your plans, exposes your faults, and cramps your style. Really, though, Saturn is your best friend when it comes to transitioning from a child to a grown-up – becoming responsible – and ultimately becoming wise and worthy of respect.

Saturn needs about 28 years to move through all twelve signs of the Zodiac. Not until your 28th to 30th birthday will you experience your first Saturn return, when the planet finally returns to the place in the sky where it was at your birth.

The first Saturn return is a turning point in a person’s life, when they’ve seen and experienced enough of life to get a firm grasp on what direction they want to go in their adult life.

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The second Saturn return comes around the age of 58 to 60. You can look squarely at what is wrong with your life, take matters in hand, and improve things. This is a powerful time, when you can fulfill (or choose to abandon) promises to yourself that you made in your less-informed youth.

In your early to mid-80s comes the third Saturn return. At this time, you’ve been around for a long time and may feel out of step with the present world, but that’s a delusion. At this age, you have experiences, stories, memories, and wisdom that can put the present into proper perspective. You have become venerable.

Everyone has Saturn in their chart somewhere, and it often indicates the major challenge in your life.

Saturn in Aries: You may have to work at self-motivation and self-confidence. You will find your source of self-assurance.

Saturn in Taurus: You may care too much or too little about material things, and may be impatient. You will find a sense of calm.

Saturn in Gemini: You may lack the proper words to express yourself. You will find creative, deep forms of communication.

Saturn in Cancer: Sometimes no place feels like home, and family seems distant, but you will grow roots at the right time and place.

Saturn in Leo: It may feel like people are pushing you to the front of the line into danger, but you will become comfortable leading or following.

Saturn in Virgo: Details may seem to be out to get you, but you can handle it with a little patience and determination.

Saturn in Libra: No one has ever died of embarrassment, and you won’t either. In fact, you can be a comfort to sensitive souls like yourself.

Saturn in Scorpio: The harsh realities of life are scary, yes. You will learn to cope and appreciate all of it.

Saturn in Sagittarius: The world is too big, noisy, and full of people who aren’t very smart. You will navigate it all as a leader.

Saturn in Capricorn: Some days even the smallest task is too much to handle. You will develop competence, persistence, and a knack for success.

Saturn in Aquarius: The gross injustices of the world pain you, but you will find ways to become strong and work for the betterment of others.

Saturn in Pisces: You may feel like your own worst enemy, but you will find ways to become your own best friend.

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