Mayan Meditations


On November 10, 2014

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Mayan Meditations

1. IMIX is the Origin. A dream can become real and a new world can begin. Dream something grand and powerful that is on the brink of beginning. You can make it happen.

2. IK is Spirit. Take a deep, slow breath and feel the tingle of life as you become more alive. Every single breath is your first, full of life.

3. AKBAL is the Night, the dark, restful, nurturing womb where life grows in privacy and peace. Something precious is getting bigger and stronger. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

4. KAN is the Seed. From the modest seed comes life in abundance. Now is the time to enter the world, be born, sprout, and shine back at the Sun!

5. CHICCHAN is the Serpent, the Reptile Mind. Your dreams and instincts are powerful. They create and preserve life. Love and affection also begin here. Look at your primal, most instinctive self and be grateful!

6. CIMI is Death, or what ends to make room for the new. What is physical is not forever. Dream, celebrate, and share your spirit and heart. Don’t fret over what was never intended to last.

7. MANIK is the Hand. Touch the world, and touch the hearts of others. Be gentle and respectful. Once you touch, or have been touched, it cannot be undone.

8. LAMAT is the Star, the aspiration, and the keeper of time. You are that star. Notice the beauty of the night sky as it changes from hour to hour. See the stars that shine in other people.

9. MULUK is the Rain, gentle and healing. Close your eyes and luxuriate in the sound of gentle rain falling on a warm night. Be refreshed and relaxed, calm, and prepared for anything.

10. OC is the Dog – faithful, smart, well-trained, and determined. Think of your family or close friends and how nothing can pry you apart. Love and devotion keep you together. You never need to be alone.

11. CHUEN is the Monkey – clever, brilliant, funny, unstoppable. Meditate on humor and happiness. Nothing can discourage you or slow you down. Play. Smile at the silliness of life, and learn big lessons.

12. EB is the Human. Treasure your discriminating mind and your natural skill at recognizing patterns. The world and life are bigger than you alone. How wonderful to impose your personal order on such chaos!

13. BEN is the Reed that can bend, to be braided and woven into something useful, beautiful, and strong. You can be as adaptable and pliable as you need to be.

14. IX is the Jaguar. The world is dangerous but you are powerful and rule your domain. Nothing can frighten or intimidate you. You choose your battles, and your prey, with wisdom and skill.

15. MEN is the soaring Eagle. From some high cliff or branch, or the sky, motion attracts you. You see everything and swoop down in an instant and never miss your aim.

16. CIB is the Warrior. Internally, you are at peace. You know how hard to fight, and when. You are not in love with violence, but realize human nature is not bland or ideally saccharine.

17. CABAN is the Earth, your environment. Be still and value everything that surrounds you. You can sustain your world with such appreciation and love.

18. ETZNAB is the Sword, the knife that separates. You can say goodbye with kindness, and sever what refuses to break free. Sharp, shiny, and hard, sometimes you are needed in the world.

19. CAUAC is the Storm that disorients and sweeps away misplaced desires. Embrace and dance with the storm, or take shelter and calmly listen for it to pass. It will.

20. AHAU is the Light, the alpenglow of dusk, and glow of predawn. Be calm, quiet, and still. Pay attention. The old familiar world is already gone. The new approaches. Be happy!

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