Secrets for Interview Success


On October 28, 2014

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Secrets for Interview Success

The job market has never been more challenging than it is right now. For all the applications that are sent out, few seem to result in an interview. So, when you do get the opportunity to interview for a job, you want to maximize every chance to present yourself well.

Two factors are beyond the influence of even the stars: the company or employer itself, and the job’s unique demands. After that, though, astrology can provide a few tips to give you a better chance at acing the interview and possibly scoring the job.

Planetary Considerations

Is Mercury retrograde? If so, that doesn’t mean you can’t interview with success – just be extra clear about when and where the interview is scheduled, and what the employer is looking for. Drive carefully and be punctual, if not a bit early. Be organized, with your personal items and other essentials – like your portfolio – in safe, accessible places. Be appropriately cheerful but confident, and ask for clarification if you need it. This is no time for needless misunderstandings.

Is Mars retrograde? If so, that’s fine, too. Be on guard for any subconscious undercurrents of anger or misdirected aggression. Remain calm and polite, no matter what. If you don’t personally feel like going home and hitting a punching bag, your interviewer might, and that’s a silly reason to lose out on a good job. Try to put your interviewer at ease.

Is Saturn retrograde? If so, this affects the interviewer much more than you. Saturn deals with authority figures and issues of propriety and pride. While interviewing under this energy, be patient about any interruptions, changes, or any other wrinkles in your expectations. Be respectful and gracious – it will be appreciated later.

Now let’s consider you, the interviewee:

Aries: Self-confidence is essential, and you may be interviewing for a position that requires self-motivation. Remember, you haven’t been hired yet! Rein yourself in a bit, be an attentive listener, and ask an appropriate number of questions.

Taurus: Your firmness and stability are assets in any office, but when facing a prospective employer, tone it down. Strive to be conciliatory and open to other opinions and ways of doing things.

Gemini: Your great curiosity makes you invaluable when the unexpected happens, but for now, let the interviewer conduct the interview. Listen as much as you talk. Be your normal dynamic self, but don’t be exhausting.

Cancer: When you enter into the interview arena, the psychic atmosphere may not be to your liking. Be clear with yourself about if this job is worth whatever discomfort may come with it. Some jobs are.

Leo: True, they’ve called you for an interview, but this interview is also about the employer. They have a need, and you may be able to fill it. Work from that assumption and you should be able to shine.

Virgo: Attention to detail is your gift to any work position, but sometimes an interview is the time and place for getting an overview. Make it clear that you care about the big picture, too.

Libra: Shyness may be a problem, but if this job is worth it, you’ll manage. Or, perhaps you want to set the interviewer at ease, which is fine, but keep the job itself foremost in your mind.

Scorpio: You can be hardcore, but a job interview may not the place for such intensity. Dress conservatively and don’t frighten anyone away, at least not until you’ve been around for a while.

Sagittarius: A take-charge attitude and great organizing skills will make you a success later, but first you need to let the interviewer take charge of this interview. If you think the interviewer does a good job, this may be the right place for you.

Capricorn: The actual work may be more important to you than the job itself, but your interviewer doesn’t need to know this. Your passion for the opportunity will be obvious. Focus on fitting the interviewer’s requirements.

Aquarius: The big picture may be what interests you, but this interview might be for a job doing a small part of it. Be clear on your place in the scheme of things and interview for exactly that.

Pisces: Others may rely on you to navigate the emotional waters of the workplace, but for now be centered and clearly intent on being a member of the team. Keep things simple and direct; feelings other than yours are at stake.

You can be a terrific success. Good luck!

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