How To Land Your Perfect Job


On October 28, 2014

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How To Land Your Perfect Job

Many people use astrology to find love and romance, but did you know that it also can help you land your dream job?

Although there’s no substitute for consulting a professional astrologer, here are a few basic techniques for using astrology as a tool to give you an edge in today’s competitive job market.

First, by looking at where the planets are today in relation to planetary positions in your natal chart, you can discover the best time to begin your job search and when you can expect to encounter the most success.

For example, Jupiter, the planet of bounty and good luck, is one of the planets you want to have on your side when you start off on your career quest. If Jupiter is transiting your sixth or tenth house or is making a favorable angle to your natal Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven, you have an excellent chance of landing a job that you actually like and feel good about.

One factor you don’t want to have to contend with when you are trying to secure a safe, long-term job is Uranus, the planet of change and upheaval. If it is in unfavorable aspect to your Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven, unexpected events may temporarily derail your job-seeking efforts.

Second, the phase of the Moon is important. The day of the New Moon is one of the best days to send out a resume, go on a job interview, or start the networking process, since it is the most auspicious time to begin new projects.

Try to avoid talking to a potential employer on the day of the Full Moon, since that is a time associated with endings. The Full Moon also has a tendency to bring out the drama king and queen in all of us, so logic can fall by the wayside. Not a good day for salary negotiation!

Third, know what kind of job and working conditions are best for your Sun Sign. Here’s a quick and handy guide:

Aries: Mars is your ruler, so you need action in everything you do. Your color is red, and that’s one reason firefighter figures so strongly in your career profile. Other potential job placements for you are the military, owning and running your own business, or stock trading.

Taurus: With sensuous Venus as your ruler, you naturally gravitate to massage therapist or to a career that would allow you to work in a spa or salon, such as a hairstylist or skin technician. Art museum curator is another of the possibilities Venus offers you.

Gemini: Communication is your specialty, so check out media jobs that let you use both your glib tongue and fast brain, and you’ll want to get up each morning and rush to the office. Selling is second nature to you, but so is the design field, so try that out, too.

Cancer: As the domestic diva and star chef of the Zodiac, you specialize in cooking, catering, and the food business. You may end up owning your own restaurant, even if you started by bussing tables. Real estate agent and property manager are also in your area of expertise.

Leo: You were born to be in public relations, and marketing is your middle name. Show business is your business, and you love drama, on and off stage. And don’t forget your ability to connect with kids. Teaching and coaching are great fields for you.

Virgo: Mercury places you squarely into the IT world, since you are naturally analytical and able to solve any puzzle within 100 feet. Health, nutrition, and exercise are your favorite topics, so look into the medical field, or become an exercise trainer or nutritional consultant.

Libra: Fashion design is a great vocation for you. Venus lets you unlock the secrets of style and translate them into big bucks, so try your hand at retail, including buying, window layout, and merchandising. You shine at music, so consider performing and teaching that subject.

Scorpio: Your attraction to the dark side of life could encourage you to become another Tony Soprano, but you know better than that! Investigative work for the FBI or CIA is high on your list, as is surgeon, psychoanalyst, sex therapist, or monk. Lab technician and research assistant also stand out.

Sagittarius: The original Don Quixote of the Zodiac, philosopher extraordinaire could be the heading of your resume. Besides that lofty occupation, think about the travel and hospitality industry, since globe trotting is something you were born for. Veterinary occupations would allow you to express your love of animals.

Capricorn: CEO of your own company is an ideal job for you, but consider starting off your apprenticeship as the next Donald Trump by becoming a business consultant, financial guru, or bank teller. Architecture and engineering dovetail perfectly with your instinctive sense of structure.

Aquarius: Sci-fi writer would really hit the mark as far as career compatibility goes, but you could also be a scientist, inventor, or electrician. You gravitate toward humanitarian work, so a volunteer project abroad, which would allow you to get experience before you become a paid employee, would be ideal for you.

Pisces: Painter, poet, filmmaker, dreamer . . . As one of the most creative signs around, look for a job that allows you to incorporate your in-born artistic abilities into your work. Photography is a natural outlet for you, but don’t forget the helping professions, since your empathy makes you a great counselor, therapist, or nurse.

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